For Parents


Parenting Concerns

At Home

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in our society, and there are many external and internal stresses as parents try to do their best for their children.  Parents often want to come to discuss their children and their parenting, without actually bringing their child for therapy.    Celia works with many parents to help them respond to their children’s psychological and emotional needs.  Parents can benefit from support to cope with all the emotional demands of parenting, and an opportunity to think clearly about what their children are thinking and feeling.  Talking and thinking together about their parenting and their children’s needs can be a positive experience, leading to clarity and renewed confidence in their own abilities.  This is particularly so for new mothers who may be struggling with the many demands of motherhood in our busy, high-pressure society.

At School

Many children and young people fail to achieve their full potential at school.  Often this is due to misunderstandings at school, or the school having an approach that doesn’t take into account the individual needs of your child.  This often leads to conflicts between the child, their family and the school.  The result of this is clearly problematic.  Our Educational Consultant can act as  an independent advocate for your child, and work with the school and the family to assist in both mitigating the conflict and facilitating the school changing their approach with your child.