Staff Development



Sydney Dynamic Psychology can provide tailored inservicing for teachers on a range of topics. 

The basis of our inservices is to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of why children act and react in certain ways.  By having this deeper understanding teachers and schools can then develop and adapt strategies to their individual circumstances.  This we have found builds capacity in not only the teachers who participate in our courses but also of the school community.

The courses and strategies encourage the development of the relationship between the teacher, the school and the student.  The strategies that teachers develop will be non-punitive.  We move away from simple reward and punishment to one where students want to follow.  True discipline.


topics include

  1. Beginning Teacher Workshops

  2. Managing Secondary Behaviours

  3. Attachment theory and its application at school

  4. Effective classroom strategies

  5. Dealing with defiance

  6. Developing a behaviour plan

  7. Managing Challenging Behaviour

  8. How to create a positive classroom environment

  9. How to be ‘heard’ in the classroom

  10. Communication with adolescent

     ...or we can tailor a programme to

meet your individual needs